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One of the senior most faculty of the Art of Living Foundation; working tirelessly to take forward His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s vision of creating a violence free, stress free society.

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Working with Kartik Shah has completely changed my outlook towards life. It feels as if past has been re-written, although nothing has changed, yet everything feels better and inspiring.

Manish Bhatt

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I’ve understood the inside out nature of my personality with the help of Kartik Shah.He has transformed the way I live my life. There is a certain peace, satisfaction and self-belief that I have never felt before

Jyoti Verma

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Since working with Kartik Shah, my life has taken a complete U-turn. I now relate to myself in a better and confident way and my thoughts have become positive, in a way that leads to comfort, inner peace, warmth and better connection with myself and my way of thinking.

Jennifer Fernandez

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In just three months, Kartik Shah has steered me towards total transformation within. The difference is so stark that friends, family and colleagues have all noticed a great change in me on all levels. I am now a much more empowered individual. I live my life consciously and purposefully, in touch with my inner wisdom and guidance.

Manohar Pandey

I was struggling to make a mark in my profession. Short deadlines, unending targets and time urgency had
started to take a toll on me. This course came as a blessing and during the course, In fact, in the first few
sessions itself I started to realise that all the mess I am in, is all my own making and I can take the charge.
With Subsequent sessions my efficiency just took off. The discussions during the course helped me greatly
in my personal and other aspects of life as well. The course package is life changing in true sense.
Personal training and one to one hand holding sessions are cherry on top. Having completed this course I
feel that there is no looking back. This course actually maps one towards mastery of one’s own self.

Archana Nagar

Branch Manager, Canara Bank, Lucknow

MAPPING TO MASTERY as a name suggest its road map to conquer our internal mechanism. My journey
has begun from low clarity to more clarity, from what to why, from challenges of outer world to challenges
of inner world, from negative belief to positive belief, from less perfection to more perfection and many
more. I highly recommend everyone to go through this journey and experience beginning of
transformation. –

Dr. Manish

Dentist, Pune

After Attending M2M, I am very grateful for the changes done by you though us. I am polishing daily by
self and it is happening automatically. Which was never done in past by reading books, video viewing,
listening audios, etc. At present I am driven by the all keynotes, which was trained in programme. I have
never explain my feeling and emotions in past due to fear of people’s opinion. Today all fear has
evaporated and feeling very free for further journey.

Uday Desai

Sr. Manager, Sudhir Genset, Daman.

The workshop has tremendously helped me in so many ways. Right from authentically determining the
direction of my life to laying down a specific roadmap to achieve it, taking care at each and every step,
recognizing and targeting inhibitions of the mind in the form of habits, thought patterns etc. to
acknowledging the super powers and potentials that we are endowed with, this entire journey with the
MOM team has been one of the best experiences of practical learnings. I highly recommend this personal
training to cultivate the best of life at its best!

Sakshi Gangwar


Absolutely amazing session ‘Mapping to Mastery’ by Kartik Shah. It made me identify and accept my fears
and face them with a positive attitude. It really helped me to bring out the best of my potential and now
I’m more happy and confident and fearless than ever. I highly recommend to attend this wonderful lifechanging online session. –

Dr. Shrenik Sethia

Dentist MDS - Pune

These program has clear my Road map to the journey ahead. In this course i can able to know my personal priority project and discovered many hidden quality of myself .This 20 hrs program with 10 sessions discovers many pillars of life such as Belief system ,Attitude, Potential, capability and how to manage the life taking all these trait in life. I am now confident to face any challenge in my life and ready to explore the infinite potential of me with positive growth mindset I am getting better and better in everyday and everyway in my life

Basanta Nayak

Sr. Manager, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Odissa.

Lucky to participate in M2M, loved it in a manner this knowledge is presented… The best thing, it is so
original, the key points are well thought of and there’s so much of clarity now. Great program.


Corporate Job, Canada

If I get this knowledge before 5 years then my present life may totally different I strongly recommend this
course to every business owner, Entrepreneurs & Corporates.

Jay Lakkad

Business Owner, Ahmedabad

M2M gives clear idea about Life’s Vision and Mission with complete Life Skill Package. My inner sense has
successfully differentiated meaning of OUTPUT and OUTCOME. The Daily Homework Exercise is a Turning
point for Life and knows about ourself that “How Extraordinary I am” Mapping to Mastery – An Idea to
join the course will change your life.

Jaimin Shah

Asst. General Manager, IDBI Bank, Vadodara

Key take away from the sessions for me is: Self-observation of the self-conversation for the self-correction.
Really great Program, I recommend it to every professionals.

Subrata Das

Head O&M, Torrent Power, Mumbai