Kartik Shah

Kartik Shah

Kartik Shah

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From the Desk of Kartik Shah

Over the years, I’ve had opportunities to work with individuals, teams, couples and corporates, helping them cut through the clutter of their mind, unravel the complexities of contemporary, everyday relationships and reach to the simple heart of the matter. I believe that stronger, connected and transparent relationships with our own self as well as others leads us to live more successful, happy and fulfilled lives. It’s really that simple”

Life Coach

As a life coach, Kartik tries to focus on the engine where it all starts - the mindset. Kartik specializes in fostering a growth mindset for people to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations. He provides insights, motivation, novel ideas, action plans and accountable objectives to achieve. He remains focused to improve the present and change the future by setting realistic goals. The results are felt internally as well as realized externally.

Human Potential Trainer

Human potential is limitless. Your power and potential is much bigger than you think. Kartik Shah unearths your potential by channeling you and your energy through insights, intuitions, and imagination.He aims to break the shackles, clear away the mental boundaries and drives you forward. He helps you identify what to do and how to do, all with great positive outlook, fun and passion.

International Faculty at the Art of Living

Kartik Shah is one of the senior most faculties of the Art of Living Foundation; working tirelessly to take forward His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji's vision of creating violence free and stress free society. Thousands of people across the country & abroad have benefited from his teachings in the basic and advanced level courses of the Art of Living Foundation.

He has addressed numerous groups in the corporate sector, defense personnel, young professionals, doctors, chartered accountants and government officials; unfolding the secrets of life through his courses. He also guides & trains aspiring volunteers to become Art of Living teachers.

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He nurtures a delightful passion to keep discovering unknown aspects of life and preparing one's mind to explore the realities of oneself.