Top Tips To Improve The Inner And Outer Personality By Business Coach

Can you develop your personality merely by reading books, watching motivational videos, or coping with others? The answer is no. Business coach advice that you will need to understand the fundamental truths of yourself to develop your personality. The truth can be sought by understanding simple things about yourself. Like who I am? Why am I here? What do I want to do? What could be done by me? And what I have to do? Until you find the answers to these questions your true personality will not be discovered.

How To Improve Personality?

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A business coach looks at a person’s personality by dividing it into two types-

1.Outer personality- the personality that is witnessed by the world and which affects the world is called the outer personality. The world includes people, things, situations, circumstances, times, countries, and places. Your outer personality consists of your appearance, your behavior, and your actions. This personality depends on your actions, whether they are positive or negative.

2.Inner personality- the way you perceive yourself and feel about yourself is your inner personality. Inner personality consists of your thoughts, and feelings that no one can change.

Emotions are interlinked with feelings. For example, if a person insults you, and you feel low and sad. The feelings of sadness and lowness will be stored in your consciousness for a long time. Every time you will remember that incident, you will feel these negative feelings. The feelings that erupt again and again to you when you think about the incident are now your emotions. These emotions will affect your inner personality.
If you want to improve your outer personality you should first improve your inner personality.

How To Improve The Inner Personality?

A business coach emphasizes the development of the inner personality. If you work on your inner personality step by step then you can achieve any success you want because it will enable you to become more effective from the inside. Whatever is happening in the world with you is no coincidence but a reflection of your inner personality only.

When you talk about yourself, whom do you indicate to? The thoughts that are created inside you by how you feel, you develop your inner personality and what you call I am in reality is your soul, your purity, your truth, and your complete presence of mind.
Inner personality is made up of consciousness.
Self is covered by 4 different layers. To reach one’s self, the other layers have to be uncovered first. The 4 layers are-

1.  Ego

The ego is linked with a person’s self-esteem. Only when this layer breaks, we can experience purity. There are two types of ego-
Superiority complex ego- This always talks about what I have.
Inferiority complex ego- This always concerns what I lack. It results in the feeling of inferiority.

It happens that sometimes when we pay attention to the superiority complex, we will find the inferiority complex behind it.

2. Memory

The layer next to the ego is memory. Whatever has happened till now is past. If you have lost something valuable, or someone closer to you in the past then it is with you now also but only in your memory. Your memory affects your ego.

3. Intellect

Intellect is the layer next to memory. It decides between what is wrong for you and what is right for you. We are also confronted with two choices in our life and which one we opt for is based on our intellect.

4. Mind

The outermost layer is the mind. Your inner energy is your mind. It is connected to the five senses. What your senses perceive is processed by your mind.

For example

a. What is visible to your eyes at the moment is only captured by the eyes. But it is processed by the mind.
b. Listening happens through ears as ears are the medium. But the mind does the actual hearing work by processing what is listened to.
c. Eating is done by mouth but interpreting the taste is done by the mind.
d. Smelling is through the medium of the nose but is processed through the mind.
e. The feeling of touches experienced by hands but the touch is processed by the mind.
Mind connects the outer world with the inner self through these 5 senses.

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Mind+ Intellect + Memory+ Ego + Self equates to consciousness, and this makes the inner personality. If you can work on your inner personality then your outer personality will automatically improve because outer personality is only the reflection of your inner personality. To work on the inner personality is the key to improving oneself.

If you want to strengthen your inner personality, you must practice meditation daily. Business coaches practice this to improve their personal and professional life. Learning the techniques to control breathing, and pranayama will let your mind relax. Only when the mind is relaxed, you can reach the depths of yourself and do the required repairing and cleansing. By practicing this, you will be more connected to yourself and your soul. It will reflect in the work done by you, and also it will improve your personality.