What People Says About Us!

One of the senior most faculty of the Art of Living Foundation; working tirelessly to take forward His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s vision of creating a violence free, stress free society.

Working with Kartik Shah has completely changed my outlook towards life. It feels as if past has been re-written, although nothing has changed, yet everything feels better and inspiring.

Manish Bhatt

I’ve understood the inside out nature of my personality with the help of Kartik Shah.He has transformed the way I live my life. There is a certain peace, satisfaction and self-belief that I have never felt before

Jyoti Verma

Since working with Kartik Shah, my life has taken a complete U-turn. I now relate to myself in a better and confident way and my thoughts have become positive, in a way that leads to comfort, inner peace, warmth and better connection with myself and my way of thinking.

Jennifer Fernandez

In just three months, Kartik Shah has steered me towards total transformation within. The difference is so stark that friends, family and colleagues have all noticed a great change in me on all levels. I am now a much more empowered individual. I live my life consciously and purposefully, in touch with my inner wisdom and guidance.

Manohar Pandey